Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate Foil Panels

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Exclusive foil panels for Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate, these high-quality cards upgrade the experience of the newest expansion for the Spirit Island family of games. You have work to do, protecting your island from the Invaders, but there's no reason not to look good while you do it! This set replaces each of the Spirit Panels from the Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate expansion with premium foil card versions of those same panels! Shine as you grow, expand and save your island. 8 Spirits include: Ember-Eyed Behemoth, Hearth-Vigil, Breath Of Darkness Down Your Spine, Relentless Gaze of the Sun, Towering Roots of the Jungle, Dances Up Earthquakes, Wandering Voice Keens Delirium, and Wounded Waters Bleeding. Spirit Island is the award-winning cooperative, settler destruction strategy game. Players take the roles of powerful spirits, working together to defend their island from colonizing invaders who spread Blight and destruction wherever they go. Experience the next chapter of Spirit Island with Nature Incarnate upgrade panels.
•Upgrade your spirits panels with high-quality foil in your fight against the Invaders!
•All the same Spirit information, but with intricate foiled art on high-quality cardstock!
•Eight spirits are included, each with unique abilities and powers to help defend the island.
•These panels are an upgrade accessories. Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate base game is required for use.

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