The Spoils (2nd Edition) Booster Pack

Arcane TinmenSKU: ATM80030

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2nd Edition revisits the shadowy Arcanists engaged in surreal and obsessive rituals, summoning primordial forces to manipulate reality itself. We meet again the ruthless Bankers overwhelming their opponents with bribery, bureaucracy, and the judicious use of hired goons. While the mischievous Gear smiths delight in ingenious contraptions, confounding their foes with all manner of gadgetry. And the adventuresome Rogues continue to value smarts over ethics and use their wits to succeed with little respect for the law. And of course the bloodthirsty Warlords ploug forward brutally as ever, solving their problems through superior strength and intimidation!!.
•Officially licensed
•Each pack contains 13 cards
•2nd Edition
•Reprint of 300 cards from the two poplar 1st edition sets
•Ages 13+

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