Spoils: Decade Of Deckadence

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What's this? you say, holding up the box with the pink breasticles. "Some sort of ... game?" Oh yeah, baby. We here at The Spoils Card Game are celebrating our 10 year anniversary and inviting you to play the best card game this side of Luridia. It's been one helluva decade, full of debauchery, depravity, and decadence, and we've created this beautiful, self-contained base set with that in mind. Included are 67 of the most powerful cards in the game's history and we've added 89 brand new ones for your infinite drafting pleasure. Combine two for infinite sealed play, or for a playset to crush newbs at your next VICTORS tournament. So what are you waiting for? Hand the game over to the nice cash register lady. Crack it open. Make sure to use protection.
•Spoils is a unique vision of a fantasy world gone terribly wrong, sometimes comical, often bizarre, the dark whimsy and grisly humor of the spoil is sure to delight and entertain
•Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Spoils, the decade of deckadence drafting cube and core set is the next exciting Evolution in the Spoils card game!
•Designed as a stand-alone game, draft with one, play sealed with two, and combine two to start building decks to crush newbs at your next victors tournament
•The deck of decadence comes complete with 67 full art cards from the Spoils history, 89 brand-new full art cards,
•2-8 Players | Ages 14+ | 25-45 Minutes Playing Time

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