Star Realms: The Unity Command Deck

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Play as Biolord Walsh. Dominate the galaxy with super-bases built with Blob biotech melded with Machine Cult nanotech! Battle against another Command Deck, or play as a raid boss taking on two players using standard personal decks! This pack contains 18 cards for use with Star Realms Deckbuilding Game.
•A Legendary Commander card: Biolord Walsh
•A 12-card custom personal deck: Cluster Viper, Laser Drone, Protopod, Ranger, 4 Scout, Scout Bot, Swarmling, Viper, and Welder Drone
•A mighty 8-cost megaship: Mech Wurm
•2 powerful Gambits: Walsh’s Stratagem and Unity Warcraft
•2 custom scorecards

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