Star Trek: The Official Starship Collection Borg Sphere Figure

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Are you looking for a small ship that can travel back in time? The Borg Sphere used by the Borg Collective was a ball-shaped vessel that the Borg used primarily as a long-range tactical vessel or scout ship. This fantastic Borg Sphere Starship, as seen in Star Trek: Voyager was approximately 600m in diameter with a crew complement of roughly 11,000 drones, a Borg Sphere was much smaller than the more common Borg Cube. The Borg’s preferred method of attack, however, was to hold a target vessel in a powerful tractor beam and render it defenceless by draining its shields. Concept artist John Eaves, who also came up with the design of the U.S.S.Enterprise NCC-1701-E, was the man in charge with working out exactly what this new Borg Sphere might look like. The accompanying magazine comes packed with in-depth information about your ship and the design process behind both the Borg Sphere and its mistress, the Borg Queen; leader of Borg Collective.

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