Star Wars: Legion - E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion

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Imperial troops are known for their relentlessness, pressing the attack even in the face of the strongest Rebel resistance. But when the Empire really wants to bring the fight to the Rebels, it calls in its heavy blaster teams. Bridging the gap between lightly armed trooper units and the heavy AT-ST, an E-Web Heavy Blaster Team gives you even more options for rounding out your Imperial army. The E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion expands the possibilities for your games of Star Wars: Legion with an unpainted, easily assembled E-Web Heavy Blaster Team miniature that you can field as a support unit. Additionally, three upgrade cards let you customize your heavy blaster team, improving its communications or modifying its power generator to create new ways to attack.
•An Imperial unit expansion for Star Wars: Legion
•Contains one unpainted and unassembled e-web heavy blaster team miniature to grow your Imperial forces
•Gives you more options for adding support units to your Army
•Three upgrade cards invite you to customize your e-web heavy blaster team to improve its communication or create new ways to attack

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