Star Wars RPG: Galaxy of Intrigue

Wizards of the CoastSKU: WOC250970000

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While war rages on throughout the galaxy, a more subtle conflict is taking place in the shadows: a war of intrigue. Secrets are whispered in dark corners, bribes pass through corrupt hands, and saboteurs and assassins directly attack the resources and allies of their enemies. A campaign full of intrigue is a campaign full of mystery, where as one layer of the plot is revealed, so are three more mysteries whose true meaning have yet to be discovered.
•New talents, feats, weapons and equipment for nobles, spies, and saboteurs.
•A complete rules set for skill challenges.
•Guidelines for running campaigns full of intrigue.
•An all-new planet that boils over with secrecy and mystery.
•New campaign content, including a full-length adventure.

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