Starfinder Adventure: Redshift Rally

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It's the 20th anniversary of the Absalom Run starship race, and to celebrate, the organizers have greatly expanded the event... and the prize money! When an accident in the qualifying heat takes an accomplished pilot out of the race, the heroes must step in to help starship manufacturer Redshift Revolution against the machinations of their dastardly competitor Terminator. In a series of rallies over land, across sea, and through the air, the heroes will face off against alien threats, try to win over the media, and most importantly, beat the Terminator racers across the finish line!
•Designed for characters with the need for speed, Redshift Rally is a Starfinder adventure unlike any other!
•"Redshift Rally", a complete adventure for 7th-level characters, leading them to the 10th level
•Details on the other teams the heroes will face off against in the Absalom Run, some more underhanded and devious than others.
•An Adventure Toolbox with a racer archetype, new spells that focus on speed and movement, vehicle modifications for the discerning mechanic, and two dangerous creatures from the clouds of Bretheda and the seas of Aucturn.

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