Starfinder Adventure: The Liberation of Locus-1

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Welcome to Locus-1, a research station on the frontier, using magic and science to study a strange cosmological phenomenon known only as the Locus. But the inhabitants of Locus-1 are far from civilization and they have a problem: pirates, led by a fierce vesk captain from her starship, the Executioner, terrorize the system from a hidden base, and the station's Science Council has turned to the Azlanti Empire for help. Now, deadly aliens are rampaging on the station, Xenodruids have gone missing, and the Azlanti have established an android labor camp on a nearby planet. Locus-1 needs heroes! Will you answer the call, facing both the Executioner and the Azlanti Empire in battle?
•"The Liberation of Locus-1," a complete adventure for 4th-level characters, leading them to 7th-level.
•All the details on Locus-1, a remote space station orbiting the Locus - a strange cosmic anomaly - as well as other planets in the Locus system, all with msyteries of their own.
•An Adventure Toolbox with new experimental weapons and equipment fueled by the Locus; new playable species who serve in the Azlanti Star Empire's Alien Cohort; and the predatory mindshroud rays - horrifying symbiotes from the beyond.

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