Stat Trackers Core Set: The Ultimate GM Accessory for 5th Edition

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Stat Trackers are the ultimate GM tool for running 5e. Simply fold them and hang them over the GM screen in initiative order for the players to see. The GM side of the Tracker has all the stats and abilities for every monster, player character, and NPC in the encounter. No more juggling books - now you can just focus on the action!
•JUST HANGIN' OUT: Just hang them over your GM screen in initiative order to have every single stat righti n front of you!
•317 MONSTER TRACKERS: All the stats for 317 official 5e monsters, NPCs, and animals are pre-printed in a condensed, easy-to-use format for the GM's reference. They are printed on durable, coated cardstock, and are pre-scored for easy folding over the GM screen. Dry-erase friendly.
•50 CHARACTER TRACKERS: Simply fill in vital stats for each PC, including AC, HP, saves, skill and ability modifiers, etc. No more need to ask, "What's your spell DC?"
•50 BLANK MONSTER TRACKERS: Add monsters from other sources or your own imagination!
•PLUS: 20 custom alphabetical tabs to organize your trackers and an instruction booklet on how to get the most out of your Stat Trackers!

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