Stranger Things AOP Laptop Backpack


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Hang out in Hawkins with this Stranger Things backpack. The bag has a red background and features head shots of all the main characters in class roles from the Dungeons & Dragons game while line art on the photos shows elements of each character’s class. Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Will, Max, and Dustin are the paladin, mage, ranger, cleric, zoomer, and bard. Combine your love of D&D and your love of the Stranger Things series into one with this cool backpack.
•SHOULDER STRAPS: This backpack is equipped with a pair of shoulder straps to ease the strain of carrying heavy textbooks, notebooks, D&D manuals, and other essentials with you as you prepare to face the day.
•ZIPPERED POCKETS: The zippered pockets on this backpack leave plenty of room for you to carry your notebooks, character sheets, and game manuals with you as you head to work, school, or your next Dungeons & Dragons night.
•HANDLE: This bag comes with a handle on top, so when your back needs a break from carrying the heavy load, you can switch to the handle and give your shoulders a much needed and well deserved rest from carrying your accessories.
•DIMENSIONS: The Stranger Things Character Dungeons & Dragons Classes Red Backpack measures 17" H x 12.5" W x 5" D
•EASY CARE: To remove the dirt and grime from this bag, simply wipe it clean and let it dry to bring back the bright colors of the graphic design and keep it looking like new. Bring some style to the daily grind with this Stranger Things bag.

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