Struggle of Empires: Deluxe Edition

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As a highly regraded strategy game, Struggle of Empires has long been a candidate for an updated version and Eagle-Gryphon Games is known for its expertise in creating deluxe, quality game editions. We have created new art, a large and re-imagined game board, high quality cardboard components, new wooden components, and a larger box with a complete storage solution. Most importantly, we have developed an updated rule book!
•Officially Licensed
•Deluxe edition includes new art, reimagined game board, high quality cardboard & wood components & more!
•Updated & revised rule book clarifies the original rules and exmaples and also provides a wealth of variant rules
•Also included are 2 new variant rules by Martin Wallace
•2-7 Players | Ages 13+ | 180-240 Minutes Playing Time

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