Summoner Wars Second Edition Starter Set

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Begin your Summoner Wars adventure with this Phoenix Elves versus Tundra Orcs Starter Set! Includes everything you need to play the game. Will you play as the fiery Phoenix Elves, executing your plans with cruel precision? Or will you play as the icy Tundra Orcs, using willpower to temper raw ferocity?
•Two revamped fan favorite factions - The Tundra Orcs and Phoenix Elves
•Every first print run copy includes 2 promotional mercenary cards - Khan Queso and Black Saber
•Must have for Summoner Wars fans. Compatible for deck building with cards from Master Set
•Perfect the sheer force techniques of the Tundra Orcs and consistent fiery damage of the Phoenix Elves
•2 Players | Ages 9+ | 40-60 Minutes Playing TIme

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