Super Fantasy Brawl: Radiant Authority


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Their light and authority will cover the whole Arena! Their might is great, but their Radiant Authority in their era, is even greater.
•This expansion comes with cards in both English and French.
•King Alistair, The Scaled Tyrant, takes lots of damage, deals lots of damage, and helps around the board. The Black-hearted draconian is a great leader, shining in various roles!
•Khalize, The Will of the Heavens, will cover the Champions in her radiant power in the Arena and grant her allies considerable strength. A true ally for everyone on the side!
•Sir Tentaclot, The Paladin of Madness, carries himself around like a corrupt, evil Arthurian knight. He is feared by his opponents, and his power is poisonous!
•This box is an expansion, you need the core Super Fantasy Brawl game to use it.

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