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Pour your favourite hot beverage into the Tamagotchi Heat Change Shaped Mug and watch as your digital pet awakens. This super-fun, standard sized drinking mug is in the shape of a classic Tamagotchi game. When cold the screen of the Tamagotchi shows the cute pet sleeping, however, once hot the cute little critter appears. This mug is an ideal gift for any 90s children, and is absolutely perfect for anyone who was caught up in the Tamagotchi trend. It makes a nice stocking filler or Secret Santa present and is just also great for birthdays.
•THE LEGACY: Tamagotchi's were introduced to the world in 1997, and have become a worldwide sensation. Selling over 82 million units by 2017, The Hyper of the Tamagotchi is still here. Tamagotchi comes from the Japanese words tomato, meaning “egg”, and the end of “watch.” these Digi pets were a digital phenomenon.
•NEW & OLD: whether you are a new fan of the Tamagotchi, or remembering the days when you and you friends snuck around playing with them, This cup is a fun reminder of the joy that the Tamagotchi has brought to you.
•90’S KIDS KNOW: the Tamagotchi was ahead of its time. With its creative gameplays and convenient portability, It was a pioneer for handheld games and virtual toys. You weren’t a 90’s kid if you didn't have a Tamagotchi!
•GREAT PRESENT: Boys and girls of all ages will love this item! An unusual item featuring iconic design and quality artwork makes a thoughtful gift for collectors and enthusiasts. Fun, unique and anything but plain, this mug is sure to be a conversation starter.
•REAL LIFE TAMAGOTCHI: now is your chance to snag This amazing item! This mug is designed to look just like the original handheld game. Featuring the “screen” and your favorite Tamagotchi inside ready to be played! Also includes non functioning “buttons,” giving it the appearance of the Real Tamagotchi.

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