Terra Mystica: Mini Expansion 1

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Terra Mystica: Erweiterungsbogen, a promotional mini-expansion released at Spiel 2015, includes the previously released Bonus Card Shipping Value and 4 Town Tilespromos as well as a special landscape for every race and a round scoring tile that gives you four points for building a temple.
•2x Town Tiles - Earn 2 Victory Points and Advance 2 Spaces on each cult track
•2x Town Tiles - Earn 4 Victory Points, Advance Shipping Track 1 Space and earn associated victory points
•Bonus Shipping Tile - When you pass with the Bonus card, you get a number of Victory points equal to your shipping value multiplied by 3.
•Round Scoring Tile - For each Priest on a Temple at end the of round gain 2C and earn 4 Victory Points each time you place a Temple that round.
•Bonus Landscape for each race. Rules/discussion located in the questions.

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