The Army Painter Plastic Assembly Set

The Army PainterSKU: TAPST5110

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This plastic wargaming assembly set by The Army Painter contains all the basic tools needed to assemble your miniatures. This set includes a hobby knife, a precision sidecutter, and of course: plastic glue.
•The hobby knife is gifted with an extremely sharp blade. Use it to cut out small plastic parts and remove mould lines from the miniatures.
•Hobby knives can also be used with success to cut away parts of the plastic model. But remember, ALWAYS CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF.
•The plastic precision sidecutter is use dto remove miniatures and their parts from a plastic sprue. It has a sharp point and makes a very fine cut. Do not use this sidecutter for metal miniatures, but for plastic models only.
•The 24ml plastic glue is a clear drying glue which 'welds' plastic components together.
•Apply a small drop of glue on each plastic piece and let the glue settle for one minute before pressing the two pieces together. To open the bottle, use a needle.

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