Super Glue - CA Glue for Miniatures & Small Parts - Strong Bond Model Glue, 20ml

The Army PainterSKU: TAPGL2014

Sale price$5.99


Super glue is an essential component of any miniature hobbyist’s arsenal. The Army Painter’s Super Glue is super glue at its best and is ideal for hobbyists, model enthusiasts, and crafters alike. Precision is paramount when it comes to assembling miniature figures, dioramas, and other intricate hobby projects. The Army Painter’s Super Glue – or Cyanoacrylate (CA) – is perfect for miniatures, basing, and small parts due to its precision tip. This allows you to easily target even the tiniest, most delicate components. Medium thickness and high quality, this Super Glue creates a very strong bond between the parts being glued. The glue has a fast-curing time and can be used on various materials, including bonding dissimilar materials. It works great for assembling plastic, resin, and metal miniatures of all shapes and sizes.
•Medium thickness and very high-quality
•Precision tip for small parts and safety
•Creates a strong and solid bond

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