The Expanse RPG Game Master's Kit

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The Expanse RPG brings the universe of James S.A Corey’s sci-fi novels to the tabletop. Being a GM for such a rich setting is a big job, so The Expanse Game Master’s Kit is here to help. It provides a sturdy, full-color GM screen with essential tables and references for game-play on one side and evocative artwork on the other. It also includes 4 quick reference cards that put the stunts and actions at your fingertips, a combat tracker that you can write on with wet or dry erase markers, a set of pre-generated Player Characters, and a complete adventure to launch your crew right into the exciting universe of The Expanse!
•GM Screen: Three hardbacked panels packed with rules, charts, and tables that willk eep you out of the rulebook and in the game.
•5 Quick-Reference Cards: Put the stunts and actions at your fingertips.
•6 Pre-Generated Characters: Suited up and ready for play or use as NPCs.
•Initiative Tracker: Use with wet- or dry-erase markers to know who's up next.
•Complete Adventure: Send a crew of level 1-3 characters into action on The Ganymede Insurance Job.

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