The Herb Witches: Quacks of Quedlinburg


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With The Herb Witches expansion, you can now enjoy The Quacks of Quedlinburg with a fifth player! But that’s not all! You can now add Locoweed to your cure-all potions, or extra-large pumpkins, and you can try out new ingredient books. If you’re struggling to find the perfect recipe, then maybe one of the three herb witches can lend a hand. With countless more brewing options, The Herb Witches will give “Quacks” fans hundreds of more exciting potion-creating sessions.
•Officially Licensed
•PLEASE NOTE: This is an EXPANSION. This Expansion allows you to enjoy The Quacks of Quedlinburg with a FIFTH Player!
•Additional Locoweed, Extra Large Pumpkins, New Ingredient Books, and Three Herb Witches!
•2-5 Players
•Ages 10+

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