The Island of El Dorado Board Game - Kickstarter Pledge (Legend Edition)

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KICKSTARTER EDITION. This is for The Island of Eldorado: Legend Edition which includes the Base Game, The Thieves of El Dorado (Expansion), The Revenge of El Dorado (Expansion), Legend Box (KS Exclusive), Game Organizer Trays, and all applicable Kickstarter Exclusives & Stretch Goals. In The Island of El Dorado, you are a brave explorer seeking to discover and control the island's four Shrines. You'll reveal a unique and challenging landscape every single time the game is played which will require you to adjust your strategy as you go. Managing resources and battling the other explorers, it's a tense and explosive race to control the Shrines first!
•Legend Edition - Includes the Base Game, Thieves & Revenge Expansion, Legend Box (KS Exclusive), Game Organizer Trays, and Applicable Kickstarter Exclusives & Stretch Goals
•A new strategy every game - Near-infinite possible map layouts
•Tense & Explosive Mmoments - Bold exploration, epic battles, twists of fate, and unthinkable comebacks
•A Game for Everyone - Adaptable rule sets allow you to experience El Dorado as a casual story or a hardcore brain-burning showdown
•Modular Gameplay - With the base game & expansion together, your group can choose between multiple competitive and cooperative game modes

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