The Librarians: Adventure Card Game

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You receive an invitation to interview for a prestigous position at the Metropolitan Public Library. A world of magic and mystery: fairies, gargoyles, old myths, and legends await. The Librarians are members of an ancient fellowship dedicated to the preservation of knowledge and the protection of the innocent from those who would misuse magic. Experts in history, languages, mathematics, and a dozen other disciplines, they lead lives of adventure - unraveling magical mysteries, battling ancient conspiracies, and saving the world every week. Twice before Friday.
•This cooperative experience forces you and up to three friends to take the role of a Librarian from the show: Eve the Guardian, Cassandra the Mathematician, Ezekiel the Master Thief, and Jacob the Historian.
•Each character has strengths and weaknesses that lend themselves to a different play style and a deck of cards that you can customize to enhance the knowledge and skills you need to survive.
•Scenario-based, each session will take you on a new adventure, complete with unique challenges to overcome and goals to achieve.
•Success requires that you make thoguhtful choices: Draw cards or gain the resources needed to play them? Thwart your enemies or advance your own goals?
•1-4 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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