The One Ring Starter Set

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The One Ring Starter Set contains all you need to take your first step into Middle-earth and experience the adventures Hobbits get up to. With streamlined rules and ready made characters, it is easy to quickly sit down and actually play the game. The One Ring is set between the time Bilbo went on his journey and the events in The Lord of the Rings, allowing you to explore the Shire by taking on the roles of those same Hobbits whose children will go on to do extraordinary things, such as Drogo Baggins, Rory Brandybuck and Esmeralda Took. Besides the Rules and The Adventures, there’s a full compendium covering the four Farthings of the Shire, all the way from Greenholm and the White Downs in the west to Buckland and the Old Forest in the east.
•A 24-page volume of Rules, a 52-page volume describing The Shire, and a 31-page volume containing The Adventures.
•Eight double-sided pre-generated character sheets.
•Two large maps showing the Shire and Eriador.
•30 Wargear Cards that can also be used with The One Ring core rules, and six double-sided Journey Role and Combat Stance Cards that can also be used with The One Ring core rules.
•Two D12 Feat Dice and six D6 Success Dice.

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