The Russian Campaign, Original 1974 Edition

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Recognized as one of the finest wargames ever published and winner of the 1976 CSR Awards. Enjoy this remake of the original 1974 Jedko game covering the Eastern Front during World War II that is short on rules and playing time. The Russian Campaign, Original 1974 Edition is a true wargaming classic that serves as a great introductory wargame.
•In this game the more mobile German army must strike quickly, and if the attack fails, must conduct a mobile defense for the Russian player can lose the game while attacking.
•The flavor of the campaign is captured with simple rules covering weather effects, rail movement, sea movement, HQ units, Stuka units, Russian paratroopers, combat supply and isolation, Russian partisan activity, replacements, and automatic victory conditions to help recreate a tense and action-packed gaming experience that you can compete in a single sitting.
•1-2 players | Ages 14+ | 5 Hours Playing TIme

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