The Sherlock Files Vol. V: Marvelous Mysteries

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The Sherlock Files: Marvelous Mysteries includes three new confounding cases to solve. Investigate the mysterious death of a Victorian lawyer. Has his spirit returned to accuse his murderer? Follow the trail of a famous masterpiece that may have been replaced by a forgery! Crack the case of a high speed homicide, where one man's train trip to Pakistan takes a deadly swerve off the rails. For each case you will follow the clues, piece together the evidence, and then identify who did it, how, and why. This is a completeloy standalone game, and does not require any other Sherlock Files game sto play.
•Gather your team, read the introduction… and uncover your clues
•Play pertinent clues… discard irrelevant leads.
•Collaborate theories… and present your solution.
•How strong is your sleuthing? Solve these cases to find out!
•1-8 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes playing time

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