The Terminator RPG: Core Rulebook

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The Terminator RPG is the official roleplaying game based on The Terminator movie and associated graphic novels published by Dark Horse comics. It is the sourcebook for the first Terminator film and its expanded universe and extrapolates from hardcore existing canon to create a living and breathing world with a multitude of possible and probable timelines.
•The Terminator RPG features Nightfall Games’ S5S System, first seen in SLA Industries 2nd Edition.
•The S5S is a d10-based rules system that uses a pool of dice: one Success die, and five Skill dice per player.
•The more skilled your character is in the task being attempted, the more likely you are to succeed and "succeed big."
•The rules set have been tailored specifically to The Terminator RPG setting. Combat, survival, and investigation are all dealt with in the rules, along with vehicle combat, time travel, and computer hacking, allowing your character to take control of the conflict with unique skills and training.
•You'll need all of this and more to take the fight across the timelines and survive.

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