The Terminator RPG: Quick Start

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The Terminator RPG: Quickstart is an introduction to The Terminator RPG. It contains seven pre-made characters, all the essential rules required to play the game and a single scenario for a GM and up to five players to enjoy, with the aim of introducing a group of players to the dark, frightening, and deceitful world of The Terminator.
•CHARACTER OVERVIEW: In The Terminator RPG Quickstart, each player assumes the role of a Resistance Fighter. These ‘characters’ are the personas that will represent the players as they play the game. This section of the Quickstart contains character generation rules, describing the different stats, skills and traits that each character has.
•RULES & MECHANICS: The S5S is a d10-based rules system that uses a pool of dice: one Success die, and five Skill dice per player. The rules set have been tailored specifically to The Terminator RPG setting. Combat, survival, and investigation are all dealt with in the rules, along with vehicle combat, time travel, and computer hacking, allowing your character to take control of the conflict with unique skills and training.
•TWO STEPS BACK: This post-Judgment Day mission is designed for 3-5 players. Seven pre-generated characters are provided to be used for this mission.

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