The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Skellige Puzzle, 1000-Pieces

USAOPOLYSKU: PZ159-813-002300-06

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Unleash your inner puzzle master and embark on an epic journey with this captivating 1,000-piece puzzle inspired by "The Witcher" video game. Immerse yourself in the rugged cliffs and misty shores as you piece together the intricate artwork, each fragment bringing you closer to the legendary world of Geralt of Rivia in the Isles of Skellige.
•Immerse yourself in the epic world of The Witcher as you piece together this thrilling 1,000 piece puzzle in the rich and vibrant landscape of the Skellige Isles!
•Colorful artwork and design featuring Geralt in the Isles of Skellige that is sure to capture the attention of everyone.
•Perfect collectible gift for the fans of The Witcher video game series.
•Puzzle proudly made in the USA.
•1,000 pieces | 19" x 27" Finished Size | Full Color

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