Thunder Road: Vendetta

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Cars, kills, and chrome! In 1986, Thunder Road hit the table, unleashing a cavalcade of carnage unlike anything the game world has seen since. We’re thrilled to be bringing back Jim Keifer’s classic in all its dusty, blood-spattered glory — now with a thorough tune-up from designers David Chalker and Brett Myers and a fresh coat of paint from artist Marie Bergeron. Start your engines… if you dare!
•THUNDER ROAD VENDETTA is a game of fast turns, high interaction, and dicey decisions
•Your crew will drive through perilous roads, dodge hazards, slam into other cars, and fire those guns
•Or, when all else fails, CALL IN THE CHOPPER!
•You control a crew of three cars: LARGE, MEDIUM, and SMALL
•2-4 Players | Ages 10+ | 30-75 Minutes Playing Time

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