Too Many Bones: Carcass Expansion

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Baddies are back on the menu! Carcass, the survivalist Gearloc, is never one to let an enemy go to waste. If he collects a Baddie, you can be sure he'll salvage every piece of it, with recipes that transform his fallen foes into buffs and heals for himself and his party. Whether picking up his fallen foes on the battlefield or salvaging fresh meat directly from the stacks, you'll never look at a Baddie the same way again after playing with Carcass.
•EXPAND YOUR PLAY: Revolutionize your Too Many Bones experience with Carcass, the survivalist Gearloc who turns fallen foes into valuable resources. Explore new gameplay dynamics as Carcass salvages Baddies on the battlefield, offering buffs and heals for himself or the party.
•NEW STRATEGIES: With an unparalleled ability to salvage fallen Baddies and transform them into buffs and heals, Carcass introduces a fresh and innovative strategy to your TMB roster. Prepare to rethink your approach as you navigate the battlefield with this resourceful and strategic addition.
•NEW ENCOUNTERS: Witness the battlefield come to life as Carcass salvages fallen foes, turning them into buffs and heals that change the dynamics of your party's strategy. Explore a unique and engaging experience that adds a flavorful twist to encounters.
•TOO MANY BONES: Too Many Bones, is the acclaimed dice-builder RPG for 1‑4 players that pits the resourceful Gearlocs of Daelore against a variety of ferocious tyrants. With a myriad of characters, deep strategic gameplay and premium components, Too Many Bones has quickly become one of the highest rated games on Board Game Geek.
•CHIP THEORY GAMES: Makers of award-winning games like Hoplomachus, Too Many Bones, and Cloudspire, Chip Theory Games prides itself on developing interesting and engaging games with memorable characters for hours of strategic game play, whether you’re playing solo or with a group.

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