TRIVIAL PURSUIT: National Parks Travel Edition

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Test your knowledge of America’s National Parks with TRIVIAL PURSUIT®: National Parks. Trivia questions from 100 years of National Park history will challenge National Park travelers, U.S. History buffs, students and families. Roll the custom die to pick from six categories: Natural Wonders, Battlefields and Historic Sites, Cultural Heritage, Science and Nature, Wildlife and Wildcard. First player to collect 6 cards wins! Hook the handy travel case to your backpack and play anywhere, around the campfire or even on the hiking trail!
•Answer 600 questions and learn about the US National Parks with this travel game and trivia board game
•Celebrate over 100 years of America's national treasures - from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, and every National Park in-between, learn about the amazing history and wonder of these parks
•Fun for the whole family and perfect for traveling with a custom travel case with carabiner
•Categories include natural wonders, battlefields & historic sites, cultural heritage, science & nature, wildlife, and wild card
•2+ Players | Ages 12+ | 30+ Min Play Time

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