Ultimate Guard 80+ Deck Box, Orange

Ultimate GuardSKU: UGD010259

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The go-to budget card accessory: This reliable Deck Case offers safe storage for your decks. Available in various sizes and colors, including a write-on label for personalising the box. No frills, but honest protection.
•Acid-Free and PVC-Free: Ultimate Guard Deck Cases are crafted with premium materials that are completely acid-free and contain no PVC. This ensures that your valuable trading cards are protected from harmful chemicals that can cause deterioration over time, preserving their condition for years to come.
•Card Divider Included: To keep your collection meticulously organized, our product includes a card divider. This thoughtful addition allows you to separate and categorize your cards effortlessly. Whether you're organizing by set, color, or any other criteria, the card divider ensures that your collection remains tidy and easily accessible.
•Designed for 80 double sleeved or 100 single sleeved cards
•Durable, Self-Locking Rigid Box: Ultimate Guard Deck Case is constructed with durability in mind, offering a self-locking rigid box that guarantees the safety and preservation of your cards. The sturdy build ensures that your cards are shielded from external elements, providing peace of mind for collectors and gamers alike. Rest assured that your valuable collection is protected in a robust and reliable box.
•Optional Write-On Label Sticker Included: We understand that organization is key to enjoying your card collection to the fullest. That's why our product includes an optional write-on label sticker. This sticker allows you to label and categorize your boxes, making it easier than ever to locate specific decks or sets. Customization and organization go hand in hand with this thoughtful inclusion.

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