Ultimate Guard Arkhive 400+ Xenoskin Deck Case, Grey

Ultimate GuardSKU: UGD011251

Sale price$49.99


The Arkhive 400+ is the ultimate box for storing and carrying large numbers of cards and/or multiple cases in many different ways! It's modular design is perfectly dimensioned to hold an almost endless variety of Ultimate Guard products.
•Designed for 400 Double-Sleeved or 500 Single-Sleeved Standard Sized Cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*: Our product is expertly crafted to accommodate your card storage needs. Whether you prefer double-sleeving for maximum protection or opt for single-sleeved cards, this storage solution can comfortably hold up to 400 double-sleeved cards or 500 single-sleeved cards in Ultimate Guard Sleeves*. No more worrying about running out of space; you've got room to spare for your expanding collection.
•Easy Access and Strong Magnetic Closure: Accessibility and security are paramount, and Ultimate Guard product excels in both aspects. Enjoy quick and hassle-free access to your cards, making it ideal for speedy gameplay and deck customization. The strong magnetic closure ensures that your valuable collection remains secure during transport or storage, providing peace of mind to collectors and gamers alike.
•Great for Cubing: Whether you're a dedicated cuber or simply enjoy organizing your cards in cube format, our product is perfectly suited for the task. Its design is optimized for cubing, allowing you to keep your cube collection well-organized and ready for exciting gameplay sessions. Stay ahead of the curve with our versatile storage solution.
•Resistant XenoSkin Material: Crafted from XenoSkin material, the Arkhive is not only visually appealing but also highly durable. It provides superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your valuable cards remain in pristine condition over time. Count on the Arkhive to safeguard your collection with its resilient construction.

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