Ultimate Guard Sidewinder Synergy 100+ XenoSkin Deck Box, Black/Red

Ultimate GuardSKU: UGD011325

Sale price$27.99


The Ultimate Guard Sidewinder 100+ SYNERGY is built to house and keep safe at least 100 double sleeved cards. The sidewinders are available in 5 different color combinations: So whether you're a white/blue player striving for peace or you identify more with green/black bloodthirsty zombies, we're sure you'll find the perfect box for your deck.
•Modular Design for Versatile Compatibility: The Ultimate Guard Sidewinder is ingeniously designed to seamlessly combine with a variety of other Ultimate Guard products, making it a versatile addition to your gaming setup. You can effortlessly integrate it with the Superhive 550+ and Omnihive 100+, allowing you to create a customized and organized gaming storage solution that suits your unique needs.
•Easy Access: When it comes to retrieving your cards quickly during intense gameplay, the Sidewinder excels. It offers easy access, allowing you to swiftly draw and return your cards without any fuss. This feature is invaluable during competitive matches and ensures a seamless gaming experience.
•Resistant XenoSkin Material: Crafted from XenoSkin material, the Sidewinder is not only visually appealing but also highly durable. It provides superior protection against wear and tear, ensuring that your valuable cards remain in pristine condition over time. Count on the Sidewinder to safeguard your collection with its resilient construction.
•Monocolored Design with Quality Microfiber Inner Lining: Ultimate Guard Sidewinder boasts a sleek and monocolored design, exuding a sense of sophistication and style. Its quality microfiber inner lining further enhances the overall aesthetics while gently cradling your cards, preventing any scratches or scuffs. This combination of form and function makes it a premium choice for discerning gamers.
•Strong Magnetic Closure: Rest easy knowing that your TCG cards are securely stored within the Sidewinder, thanks to its strong magnetic closure. This feature ensures that your cards remain in place, even during transport, providing peace of mind for collectors and competitive players alike. With the Sidewinder, your cards are always well-protected and easily accessible.

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