Villainy Amok (Champions RPG)

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This sourcebook for Champions describes dozens of standard comic book plots — alien invasion, superhero weddings, bank robberies, instant super-power drugs, and more — with notes on how to run them, a short sample adventure for each, and the characters and maps you need to run that scenario. It’s the perfect resource for Champions GMs, and players will appreciate the information and rules on how to deal with these situations.
•Villainy Amok (VA) takes seven staple scenarios of the Superheroic and Action Adventure genres, it breaks them down into the component parts, and then re-assembles them with dozens of permutations to mix and match resulting hundreds of unique spins on the basic seven core concepts.
•Each topic is explored in depth and pays heed to time honored traditions but thankfully comes installed with a cliché warning for the truly overused elements.
•Scott Bennie’s writing style is excellent with a good dose of humor thrown in that makes VA an entertaining read. He more than adequately covers the various twists and turns available for each set-up with colorful elements of plot, person, place, and the invariable complications that can arise.
•If you like fun stuff, pay attention to the “Ten Unusual” sections in each chapter. In each chapter these little sidebar gems can steal the whole show and change the entire feel of the meat and potatoes.

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