Vs. System 2PCG: AEW

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Introducing the newest 200-card Giant-Sized professional wrestling starter! AEW is the first wrestling game in the Vs. System® 2PCG® product line. In this 2-player game, each player will take on the role of one main wrestler and build a deck of 60 cards before the match starts. Can you beat other wrestlers in this Vs. System® 2PCG® All Elite Wrestling in a test of skill, guts and strategy?
•Vs. System 2PCG expands into a new universe, All Elite Wrestling, featuring fan-favorite Wrestlers like Sting, Jon Moxley, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and MJF, with images straight from the live show.
•Bring the fight from the ring to your table! The first player to KO their opponent’s Main Character wins.
•Customize your new team or enhance your existing decks.
•12 new Main Characters and 28 new Supporting Characters. Each game comes with 200 playable cards across 2 new team factions.
•2 Players | Ages 14+ | 30 Minutes Playing Time

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