War of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game

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The War of The Ring has begun. Mordor and Isengard are emptied, their untold legions set loose to slaughter and ruin. Against these dark hosts stands an alliance of the Free Peoples bound together with but one purpose - the utter defeat of Sauron, and the deliverance of Middle-earth. Orcs and Men, Dwarves and Elves are brought to battle in their thousands at the command of The One Ring, or to destroy it. Banners block out the sun, arrows choke the sky and the ground shakes beneath the hooves of cavalry.
•War of the Ring is a tabletop battle game for two or more players.
•At your command is a vast army of Citadel miniatures.
•Hundreds upon hundreds of warriors fight and die, fearsome monsters rampage through the enemy ranks and mighty heroes lead valiant charges and stalwart defences.
•The battle for Middle-earth will never be the same again.
•Will the Free Peoples triumph and Sauron finally be overthrown, or will a new age of darkness begin? The fate of Middle-earth is now in your hands.

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