Warhammer 40,000 Black Templars: Castellan Miniature

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Black Templar Castellans function as Lieutenants for this esoteric successor Chapter. Acting as the right hand of their Marshal, they help direct their battle-brothers in war. By handling the squad-level combat logistics of force coordination and acting as exemplary leaders, they free up their Marshals to focus on the wider strategic picture of the entire war zone. Based on an iconic piece of Black Templars artwork by John Blanche, this Castellan brings the firepower-enhancing effects of a lieutenant to the battlefield in a unique style. Covered with effigies of skulls, wielding a combi-flamer and master-crafted power axe, this distinctive miniature is the perfect way to add some retro flavour to your Black Templars force.
•A macabre-looking Lieutenant variant for your Black Templars army
•Based on a classic piece of Black Templars art
•Armed with a combi-flamer and master-crafted power axe
•Miniatures provided unpainted & unassembled

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