Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Harlequins

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The Harlequins of the Laughing God spill from the webway in the polychromatic storm of violence. These sinister warrior-acrobats make no distinction between war and art, their every battle a display of bloodthirsty theatre and spectacular, stylised slaughter. Behind their leering masks, the Harlequins are cold-eyed killers whose guerilla war against the powers of Chaos has consumed them utterly for millennia. It is a war they fight with speed and skill, relying upon the lethality of their weapons, the firepower of their lightning-fast attack skimmers, and an array of illusory powers and hallucinogenic munitions to annihilate the enemy before they even realise they are under attack.
•Fear the laughing God!
•The history of the Harlequins, from the tragic fall of the ancient Aeldari empire to the battles of the Harlequin masques in the 41st Millennium.
•Colour schemes used by the masques of the Harlequins, and a showcase of spectacular Citadel Miniatures expertly painted by the 'Eavy Metal team.
•A comprehensive range of datasheets providing tabletop rules for every unit in the Harlequins range.
•Army-wide rules content that allows you to take your collection of Harlequins Citadel Miniatures and transform them into a lethal tabletop army, ready to unleash swift death upon the foe.

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