Warhammer 40,000 Necrons Monolith Citadel Miniature

Games WorkshopSKU: GAW49-09-99-12-01-10-043

Sale price$179.99


Contains all the pieces to build the Necrons Monolith. Comes unpainted and requires assembly. A destructive Lord of War choice for a Necron army. Obliterate your enemies with esoteric weapons. Summon reinforcements through the eternity gate.
•Contains 1 plastic miniature of a reimagined classic
•The Monolith is a Lord of War choice for Necron armies
•Contains 2 secondary weapon options of either 4 Death Rays or 4 Gauss Flux Arcs
•Includes 2 Eternity Gate build options – one standard, and one of a partially materializing Necron Warrior

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