WarLock Tiles: Expansion Pack - 1" Town & Village Straight Walls

WizKidsSKU: WZK16531

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WHATS INCLUDED: 1x1 Tile (16), 1x2 Tile (20), 1x4 Tile (4), 1 Plaster Exterior Wall (14), 1 Plaster Exterior Wall Inside Corner (6), 1 Plaster Exterior Wall Outside Corner (4), 1 Plaster Interior Wall (6), 1 Plaster Exterior Wall Door (4), 1 Plaster Interior Wall Door (2), 1 Plaster Edgecap (14), EZ WarLockTM Clips (100).
•1" wide walls allow for narrow hall and more-detailed builds. Exterior doors have functional hinges which allow them to open & close.
•Half-height walls provide easy access for moving miniatures. Reversible, gridded tiles for clear placement & play on stone or wood floors.
•Thin interior walls and doors optimize available space. Fully compatible with all WarLock sets for endless variety & flexibility.

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