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WineIQ is the ultimate game for wine lovers. It comes with 400 multiple-choice questions. Correct answers are counted as IQ points. It is played in teams over two rounds. The first round tests your knowledge. The second round tests your memory, making the game accessible and fun. You can take risks to score more points, but will you trust your teammates?
•THE ULTIMATE QUIZ FOR WINE LOVERS: In this party game of questions and risk-taking, players split into two teams and compete to test their knowledge of wine and their memory.
•GREAT PARTY GAME: Always wanted to improve your knowledge about wine? Open the box and play! Featuring a massive collection of clever wine trivia questions and beautiful graphic design, Wine IQ is the perfect game for wine lovers to enjoy at parties and on game night.
•CHALLENGING AND COMPETITIVE: WineIQ is played in teams in two rounds. The first round tests your knowledge, the second your memory. Anyone can win without prior knowledge. You can take risks to get more points. But do you trust your team members?
•HIGH VARIABILITY: Game includes 400 multiple choice questions. From classic wines to forbidden ones, from Napa to Casablanca, from the vine and vineyards to glasses, discover fascinating stories and facts about wine while having fun!
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun wine-themed trivia game is made for 2 to 12 players and is suitable for ages 16 and old

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