Wits & Wagers Family Edition Board Game

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The Wits & Wagers Family Edition board game is just a little bit trivia and a lot of guessing fun. Unplug those devices and get ready for family game night! It's easy to learn and get started right away with this family board game that has already sold over a million copies and earned over 30 awards. Gather 3 or more players, or a large group of friends, and play individually or in teams. One player reads a question out loud, and everyone writes down their numerical answer, but don't worry! Correct answers aren't necessary to win, and ridiculous guesses make it even more fun. Earn points for placing tiles on the guess that is closest to the answer without going over. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! There are tons of questions that are fun and family friendly so you can play again and again! The Wits & Wagers Family Edition game is a hilarious edition to game night! Colors and decorations may vary.
•Kids as young as 6 can play the Wits & Wagers Family Edition game. No real knowledge required. The answers are numerical, and everyone is making a guess.
•Get started quickly! Gameplay is very easy to learn, so the game can get going in as little as 2 minutes.
•Play with 3 or more friends. Large groups can play in teams!
•The questions are random, and many silly, making it perfect for kids and adults to play together or for grownup game nights!
•The Wits & Wagers award-winning board game is the perfect gift for anyone who loves hilarious, unpredictable fun!

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