Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Seto Kaiba Structure Deck

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Most Duelists in the Battle City tournament could only use their monsters to attack and defend; Seto Kaiba built his Deck using monsters that could change into Equip Spells to power up and protect each other! Structure Deck Seto Kaiba revamps the original XYZ-Dragon Cannon Union strategy and introduces 3 new combining mechanized Union monsters: A-Assault Core, B-Buster Drake, and C-Crush Wyvern! These new monsters have new and improved Union abilities and extra effects that help you assemble a
•In his final Duel against Yugi in the Battle City tournament, Kaiba showed off a brand-new Deck using his X-Y-Z Union Monsters - machines that could equip onto each other and combine into more powerful Fusion Monsters!
•This Structure Deck adds the new A-B-C Union Monsters, plus new Fusions including the A-to-Z-Dragon Buster Cannon, to combine everything into one colossal monster!
•Fully compatible with all the cards you already own.
•Ages 6+

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