Zombicide: Angry Neighbors Expansion


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There goes the neighborhood. With the plague that’s been sweeping across the nation coming to suburbia, players are going to have to raid the tool shed, borrow a baseball bat from next door, and get ready to fight for their lives. Angry Neighbors is an expansion to the survival horror game, Zombicide. It introduces four new Survivors and their Zombivor counterparts, as well as companion sidekicks, new missions, and a whole lot more! *This is an expansion. The original Zombicide is required to play.
•Go for a hell of a tour in the neighborhood with four brand new survivors, their Zombivor counterparts, and eight companion sidekicks!
•Featuring 15 missions (5 for each core game) for hours of fun, this expansion uses three new game tiles filled with holes in the floors and intriguing new places to explore.
•Arm your team with new Equipment cards (Crossbow! Winchester! Zomb’ Knuckles!) to chase the fast and unpredictable zombie Seekers.
•Enjoy the (angry) neighborhood! A Zombicide core game box is needed to enjoy this expansion.
•1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | 60 Minutes Playing Time

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