Zombicide: Gears & Guns

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The world is experiencing a time of rapid mechanical revolution. Steam power is changing the way people do things. The steam locomotive is connecting distant locations in ways never dreamed imaginable. There’s seemingly no limit to what steam can’t accomplish, including ridding the West of the undead menace! The Gears & Guns expansion for Zombicide: Undead or Alive brings the game into the Steam Age. The set includes a new class of Survivor, the Engineer. Their affinity for all things mechanical means they can push them beyond their limits, or reuse items once thought spent. The set also includes plenty of new gear for them to tinker with. There’s also a new campaign system, complete with story-driven scenarios, that will see the extent to which steam can save the Wild West.
•Gears & Guns features an alternate setting to Undead Or Alive, in a world powered by steam!
•The new survivors and the equipment they have feature new Full Steam rules, unleashing tremendous power against zombies at the risk of getting depleted.
•Discover the new Engineer class for Survivors, and get your hands on the fabulous Inventions, gearing your Survivors with augmented limbs!
•The box also contains new tiles with dangerous Steam Machines, and new campaign rules to earn new Skills and keep your precious equipment from a game to the next.
•Explore the retro-futuristic city of Bolton’s Reach along the 10-Mission campaign, and be careful of this new era’s Abomination: the Steam Monster!

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