Zombicide: Green Horde


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Orcs and Humans have never had a relationship. The borderlands between the two groups were regular sites of conflict, but an entire host of Orcish zombies have spilled forth. The Survivors of the zombie plague have a whole new set of problems to deal with if they want to continue breathing. Zombicide: Green Horde is a new stand-alone game in the Zombicide: Black Plague series. Players work cooperatively, taking the role of Survivors of the zombie outbreak. Each game, they have different goals to accomplish, and must utilize new strategies in defeating the deadly threat. Orc zombies are stronger and more deadly than the human variety, and they tend to congregate in large hordes, ready to ambush Survivors that stray too far from the pack.
•AN EXCITING STANDALONE GAME IN THE ZOMBICIDE BLACK PLAGUE SERIES: Green Horde retains the general Zombicide mechanics, with new weapons, skills, environment features, and even a trebuchet, because there are no things like overkill when zombies are involved!
•THRILLING ZOMBIE GAME: Players are Survivors battling the powerful zombie Orcs in abandoned cities and groves. Hedges and rivers may pose serious threats to anyone wandering recklessly, and your zombie opponents are merciless.
•COOPERATIVE ADVENTURE: Form a fantasy team with your friends and harness your survivors’ skills to achieve victory against hordes of infected orcs! work together to survive the zombie outbreak. Survivors must utilize new strategies to defeat this deadly threat.
•NEW ZOMBIES, WEAPONS AND TERRAIN: Orc zombies are stronger and more deadly than the human variety. With threats everywhere, Survivors have to take advantage of powerful new weapons. Hedges and Waterholes create new strategic options, as Survivors play hide-and-seek with the Green Horde.
•NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This fun zombie board game for adults and family is designed for 1 to 6 players and is suitable for ages 14 and up. Average game time is approximately one hour.

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