Zombicide: Guest Adrian Smith Box


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Adrian Smith has been creating art his entire life. His career has spanned many different mediums, including board games, video games, and comic books. Recently, he self-published his first artbook, Illuminations. His two characters for Zombicide will be welcome on any team. Bones was a successful musician in a heavy metal band. The zombie apocalypse has inspired him to write songs about death, blood, and liberation. Padre Johnson led his flock until they were overrun. He miraculously survived. The holy man is a bit unhinged, but still handy with a shotgun. This product is an expansion: Zombicide: Season One or Season Two base game required to play.
•Survivors - Two brand new Survivors join the fray, complete with their own Survivor card and highly detailed miniature figure.
•Zombivors - If these heroes join the ranks of the undead, at least they don’t have to leave the game. Their Zombivor counterpart is represented by their own miniature figure.
•Join Any Story - These Survivors can join any version of Zombicide and fight for life and freedom.
•Ages 14+

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