Zombie Teenz: Evolution

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Zombies are wreaking havoc throughout the town. Cooperate with your friends and find the 4 ingredients to prepare the antidote that will change the zombies back to their human form! Zombie Teenz is a game that evolves, like its predecessor, Zombie Kidz. These two games are different and independent, but compatible. Work together, rid the town of zombies, make the antidote, open envelopes, and watch the game evolve!
•TOP 25 KIDS GAMES: Included in the top 25 rankings in the Childrens category on the reference website BoardGameGeek.
•CHANGE THE GAME AS YOU PLAY: As you complete special missions, mark your progress in the rulebook with stickers, eventually unlocking extra content.
•14 UNLOCKABLE ENVELOPES: These envelopes hold additional content that changes the rules and your strategy, keeping you coming back for more!
•PARENTS CAN PLAY TOO: While the game may be easy to teach, even parents will be engaged with the strategy and cooperation needed to beat the zombies.
•COMPATIBLE WITH ZOMBIE KIDZ: This standalone sequel to Zombie Kidz Evolution can be enjoyed on its own or combined with the original for even more fun.

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