Zombie World Order TCG: Booster 01

BandaiSKU: ZWO7009

Sale price$3.99


Zombie World Order is a two-player, head-to-head, competitive trading card game where players take on the role as one of the few survivors in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world where the only thing that matters is survival. players command undead armies using magic to summon a wide variety of zombies with two signature characteristics - toughness and revival - which are key to gameplay, as toughness lets zombies take multiple hits, while revival brings `em back for more! There are three kinds of zombies - Deadman (classic Japanese zombies like samurais, ninjas, sushi chefs), Mech-Z (mecha-inspired zombies such as soldiers, rocket-man, and lightning girl), and Immortal (demons and ghosts).
•Let's get started!!
•Each booster pack contains 10 cards.
•68 types in total (37 commons, 19 uncommons, 12 rares)
•Ages 13+

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